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Somewhere My Love
Somewhere, my love, there will be songs to sing
Although the snow covers the hope of spring.
Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold
And there are dreams
All that your heart can hold.
Someday we’ll meet again, my love.
Someday whenever the spring breaks through.
You’ll come to me out of the long ago,
Warm as the wind,
Soft as the kiss of snow.
Till then, my sweet,
Think of me now and then.
God, speed my love
‘Til you are mine again.
Somewhere my love is the love theme f Dr. Zhivago….our parents song. A song they enjoyed during their days together, and one that continued to bring comfort and beautiful memories to our mother after “her love” was gone.
In many ways our mom died 11 years ago, and ironically today we lay her to rest with literally a broken heart.
Her heart valve, the mitral valve, was broken and needed surgery in order for her to survive.  As much as we tried to get that heart repaired something kept on puling us back.
The truth is, as much as she adored us and loved us, did everything for us….deep down inside, she wanted to go…..”Somewhere with her Love”.
We are so blessed to have had a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, cousin, friend…who taught us so many valuable lessons in the way she lived.
Disfruten. Enjoy the moment. Stop and take it all in. Stop and take pictures. Toast to the beauty of life….To Family.  She taught us to be humble, to be kind, to work hard, to listen, to learn, to live by example… persevere.
She was beautiful.  Even in her final days as we watched her lying peacefully her skin was radiant.  Her inner beauty shined through.  A very dear friend once told me shortly after my father had died how fortunate I was that I could experience such great pain, “as the pain is only as great as the love.”  Now its x’s 2.
Thank you mom for everything you did for us, even until your last breath…..We Love You….Hoy y Siempre.


I read this eulogy two days ago at my mothers funeral. Three weeks ago on the evening of April 27th she collapsed. Suffered cardiac arrest and congestive heart failure due to her heart condition of Mitral Valve Regurgitation and Atrial Fibrillation.  Today we are empty, we are numb, we are broken…..Tomorrow we will try to slowly move forward….day by day.  Living a full life in her honor.

This photo was taken April 26, 2015, the day before our lives would never be the same.  She was and will always be my greatest supporter.  Rest in Peace mami…I’ll see you  somewhere….I’ll see you everywhere….

Thank you for stopping in….Besos y Abrazos…xoxo….B



Heart Health

Its our everything…..its healthy living, its what makes you get up in the morning, its what pushes you….its what allows you to do good, to feel, to care, to grow, to want, to share, to give….Its kindness, Its friendship, Its selfless….Its Love.  Its everything….

Go Red on this month of Love <3

Enjoy the Journey…Besos y Abrazos…xoxo…..B

My Road to Nov. 4…16 weeks to go!

Marathon training is in full gear! OMG 16 weeks to Nov. 4 What have I gotten myself into!!

Below you can get a sneak peak at what training has been like.  Stay tuned…..the weeks ahead are going to get quite interesting!!!  Enjoy the Vlog!! :)

Thank you as always for your ongoing support! It means the world to me! For those who are new  and would like to visit my AHA page please visit My Team Page Usually I am the giver and not the asker so asking for pledges has been quite difficult. However, rest assured that anything you can give goes a long heart felt way!!

Until next time…..Enjoy the journey & make it count! :)

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Adelante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”


Fabulous Fit Friday!

Time to finish off the week with a bang!

Another week is almost over. The weekend is here. Time to kick back and enjoy some quality time with those we love. And then comes a new week… over time!

Some may think that I’m rushing with the thought, but I see it as excited anticipation of doing things! Its not like I’m living waiting for a “day to come” I am planning on the great things  ”that day” will bring! There’s a difference.

Planning, time management, organizing, de-cluttering. All things that I strongly believe are necessary tools for success. Whether its in reaching fitness, work, school, or personal goals. They are the KEY!  Try it. Organize your desk, drawers, pantry….you will feel the weight come right off and the clarity in your vision crystal.  For me its as simple as throwing out the trash! Nothing worse than an overloaded trash bag…..ahhh clean & clear.

Today I am going to share some of the pics from the American Heart Association Latino Health Summit~ Tu Corazon Latino I attended last week.  A great group of leaders coming together to tackle the health issues that so greatly effect us all.

I am looking forward to continuing or mission…..our passion.


Joining Co-Charis Lucinda Desir & Dr. Ortiz

Go Red Panel~ A Day in the Life of the American Latina

Signing & Sharing my Passion

Have a great one! Make Health & Fitness a priority! Beauty comes from the inside out…..Show the Glow! :)

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Adelante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”