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Señoritas de Nuestro Futuro


I had the pleasure & honor of being a speaker at the Senoritas de Nuestro Futuro event held by El Diario & Macys this past Saturday April 2, 2011.  For me it was more than just an event,  it was an opportunity to connect with young Latina’s, the future of our great nation. As the day began, I became more than just a speaker, I became a mentor, a role model to these young ladies who are so very much filled with the desire to make a difference. I spoke to them on the importance of healthy living. There was so much they did not know about the importance of proper nutrition & exercise. Breakfast was again the meal most of them missed! I’ve said it before and will say it again, a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day!! It IS the foundation for the rest of your day. You will not only fuel your body, you will also fuel your brain, and without brain power you will not succeed in the goals you set for yourself! Another topic that surprised me, but didn’t shock me, was the lack of schools providing a healthy lunch. No fresh fruits or vegetables are offered, and lunches are usually “frozen”. This sad & unnecessary lack of providing a proper nutritious lunch to our kids, takes them outside of the school to the fast food chains. Its hard to believe that our schools still can’t properly fuel our kids with the proper foods they need to succeed in school!  We spoke about body image and how a positive self body image will be the foundation they need to get on with accomplishing their dreams & goals. I shared with them my own personal struggles with weight & body image, and how although at times I still don’t like what I see in the mirror, I am conscience of what I am thinking and instantly  correct that thought & compliment myself.  Friends, it is so important that we toot our own horn and in the words of Rossana Rosario, CEO & Publisher of El Diario, keep your tiara always on and make sure no one knocks it down! :) We need to be our best cheerleaders!  The confidence that we need to instill in ourselves will carry us through all the peaks & valleys life will bring.  At the end of the day, I learned from the girls just as they learned from me. We established a wonderful  relationship, and as I told them, whatever I can do to help them on their way I will. We all need mentors and proper role modes in this world, and for me its a huge honor to be recognized as one. :)

Now a special message to my girls who are reading…desayuno! What did you eat today???   Did you read the label before you chose to eat it? Did you share the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with your mami, papi, tia, tio, abuela, abuelo, hermanito, hermanita?? And lastly…..put down that soda!!! :)

Have a beautiful day! Buen dia!! Muevanse & Get Moving!! :)

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Alante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”

P.S attached below is the link to a story provided by El Diario on the event…Enjoy! :);oritas-del-futuro-en–248614-1.html