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Heart Health

Its our everything…..its healthy living, its what makes you get up in the morning, its what pushes you….its what allows you to do good, to feel, to care, to grow, to want, to share, to give….Its kindness, Its friendship, Its selfless….Its Love.  Its everything….

Go Red on this month of Love <3

Enjoy the Journey…Besos y Abrazos…xoxo…..B

My Road to Nov. 4…16 weeks to go!

Marathon training is in full gear! OMG 16 weeks to Nov. 4 What have I gotten myself into!!

Below you can get a sneak peak at what training has been like.  Stay tuned…..the weeks ahead are going to get quite interesting!!!  Enjoy the Vlog!! :)

Thank you as always for your ongoing support! It means the world to me! For those who are new  and would like to visit my AHA page please visit My Team Page Usually I am the giver and not the asker so asking for pledges has been quite difficult. However, rest assured that anything you can give goes a long heart felt way!!

Until next time…..Enjoy the journey & make it count! :)

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Adelante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”


Fabulous Fit Friday!

Time to finish off the week with a bang!

Another week is almost over. The weekend is here. Time to kick back and enjoy some quality time with those we love. And then comes a new week… over time!

Some may think that I’m rushing with the thought, but I see it as excited anticipation of doing things! Its not like I’m living waiting for a “day to come” I am planning on the great things  ”that day” will bring! There’s a difference.

Planning, time management, organizing, de-cluttering. All things that I strongly believe are necessary tools for success. Whether its in reaching fitness, work, school, or personal goals. They are the KEY!  Try it. Organize your desk, drawers, pantry….you will feel the weight come right off and the clarity in your vision crystal.  For me its as simple as throwing out the trash! Nothing worse than an overloaded trash bag…..ahhh clean & clear.

Today I am going to share some of the pics from the American Heart Association Latino Health Summit~ Tu Corazon Latino I attended last week.  A great group of leaders coming together to tackle the health issues that so greatly effect us all.

I am looking forward to continuing or mission…..our passion.


Joining Co-Charis Lucinda Desir & Dr. Ortiz

Go Red Panel~ A Day in the Life of the American Latina

Signing & Sharing my Passion

Have a great one! Make Health & Fitness a priority! Beauty comes from the inside out…..Show the Glow! :)

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Adelante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”

Things I Learned….


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience” ~Eleanor Roosevlet

I can’t believe this week is over! October is soon coming to a close, Mother Nature has blown some cold wind upon us, and before you know it we will be toasting to a Happy & Healthy New Year! Wow, cliche or not, time is flying by!

With that said, I thought I’d blog today about the things I learned this week. I like looking at each day as a learning experience and am the first to tell you that although I may know much about certain things, I love the fact that I still have so much more to learn….keeps me young at heart :)

I started my week filled with allergy frustration. Realizing that staying away from wine wasn’t alleviating my congestion & recognizing that it may be a component of something else, I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see an allergist. Meanwhile I will take an Allegra-D daily on an empty stomach. Yes, empty stomach is the key! Didn’t read that fine line before. “Read” (key word/lesson) directions even when you “think” you know what to do :)

I learned that as much as I am influencing my kids to eat healthy & stay away from junk food, there is a time in the year where you just have to bite the bullet and give in. Yes, we are upon that time of year. My home is filled with Halloween goodies~ cupcakes & candy! Now its up to me to stay away from it all… by example B :)  We have a few weeks to break from it all before Thanksgiving & Christmas…oh boy!

I learned that although I knew we had a big issue with health care in our country, its much bigger than many know. I also learned that our education system really needs some major revamping! Actually no new news there.

I learned that although sometimes I feel as if I am fighting an uphill battle preaching to people the importance & value of living a healthy life for themselves and their family, it is something that I will continue to do. Why? Because, I firmly believe that is what I was put on this earth to do.

Often I miss my days at Jaguar LandRover, my corporate days. And have said before how leaving that world was one the hardest decisions I had to do in my life.  Last night driving home feeling energized from the days events, I realized & learned something extremely valuable for my being that helped me accept that decision once again. One of the questions asked yesterday to the panel at the AHA Summit by the wonderful Maria Hinojosa, was what drove our emotional heart. I answered what drove me, which was my children and their future as leaders and individuals. Mostly because I strongly believe that what we fuel our bodies with are detrimental not only to the well-being of our bodies but to development of our minds/brains, body/self image etc.  But what I didn’t say was what tugs my emotional heart. My family in general.

My emotional heart is tugged by the loss of my dad to a massive heart attack. The fact that I never met my grandfathers due to them passing early in life due to heart related illnesses. The sad unfortunate reality that both my in-laws were taken from us way to soon after losing their battle with cancer.  So, what really drives my emotional heart is the reality that If I don’t preach the grave importance of living a healthy life to my kids, my husband, my mom, my sister, my niece, nephews, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousins, aunts, friends….everyone, well then I would be doing a huge disservice to them, those who left us too soon, & the world as a whole.

I once read this quote, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do” and didn’t think much of it. Today I learned that I am one of those people. I love what I do, and I love educating & motivating people to embrace healthy living as a way of life. One by one, day by day. We will get there….

One more thing I learned, well I knew it already, but its nice to see again. Love & support from family & friends is priceless AND my kids think I ROCK! :)

Have a fabulous weekend all!

Get MOVING & make some smart health & fitness choices for yourself & your family!

Besos y Abrazos….xoxo  ”…..Barbara por Atras, Barbara por Adelante, y Siempre Barbara por Adentro!”

PS Almost forgot! As much as I LOVE my Christian Louboutin shoes/boots, I learned one valuable lesson that Michael will be very happy to hear! Steve Maddens knock off’s are much more comfortable and only $89 bucks on Zappos! :)